Day of the Horses

Thursday, March 10, 2011

On Ash Wednesday, after two intense days of hard work, the group was treated to a time of horseback riding and sun bathing. As small groups of students chose to gallop their horses across the beach, others took turns jumping into the beautiful, clear water of the nearby river.

Leave it to Jamaica to make river swimming a little more interesting; there were a pair of green-blue needle-nosed fish that kept the group thoroughly entertained, as well as a jutting rock that made a great diving board.

Just as intriguing as those fish was the game of ladderball, a game played in the U.S. but one that most of the students present had never heard of. Soon most of our group became quite good at the game, what with all the practice they put into it.

The day ended on a hilarious note since we had only one small van and way too many students when it was time to leave (a small group had broken away for Ash Wednesday services, and had yet to return with the other van)--and it began to rain. We all ended up piling into the tiny van like a group of clowns, driving a short distance this way until we met up with the other van along the main road.

All in all, the day was beautiful, the people around us were kind, and the atmosphere was laid- back and relaxed on this day of rest.

--Jenn Kober