My Trip to Whitehouse, Jamaica . . . So Far

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Macaire Kolchin, Moravian '14, an avid humanitarian, plans to major in Psychology and is part of the Moravian College Emerging Leaders program.

Those who know me well are fully aware that I rarely eat meat; however, here in Jamaica, at all opportunities to eat protein I have accepted and eaten the meat. My taste buds have welcomed the chicken, pork, and beef. Jamaicans have an interesting way of cooking and blending native spices.

Along with the food, I am enjoying the warm weather. It has been fantastic: sun, no humidity, the Caribbean Sea's breeze! I have adjusted to the weather so quickly that I am fearful for when I return to Pennsylvania's March weather.

But the part I am most enjoying about being in Jamaica is being able to interact with the people around me. The Jamaicans who our colleges are helping have the warmest souls I have ever met.