No Problems--Just Situations

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Katie Makoski, Moravian '14, plans to major in English and minor in Political Science. She serves on the Moravian College Multi-faith Council.

The locals have said, "Jamaica--no problems, just situations." Judging by all of the vibrant, carefree children running around at the schools and Sports Day competitions we've visited, I would have to agree. Today was Sports Day at many schools here in Westmoreland Parish, and for each school's day, three teams of children engaged in friendly competition. Girls were dressed up in colorful skirts, chanting cheers for their teams. Boys ran tirelessly under the hot sun.

The people's energy seems to be boundless; their sunny attitude is contagious. A few children borrowed our digital cameras, curiously tinkering with them. Then they snapped an endless number of photos of us all smiling and enjoying each other's company. They all happily waved goodbye as we drove off at the end of the day's competitions.