The True Jamaica

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jennifer Kober, Moravian '14, plans to major in Biology and is a member of the Alpha, NJ Mennonite Church.

After one day in this beautiful country I have seen further into the human heart than I could have done anywhere else in the world. The purity in the heart of every person you meet results in a humbling feeling. After painting the Clifton Home for Boys, I went to shake the hand of the caretaker, but that handshake turned into a hug.

Now, in America, a hug is usually a little taboo on the first meeting. This woman's response surprised me, and it will touch my heart for the rest of my life. She held me in front of her and said, "I love you." If hugging is frowned upon for first meetings, then those three words are all but forbidden. I was shocked to speechlessness when she said this, and I began to tear up.

My biggest regret is not smiling back at this woman who was so grateful for a little painting and saying "I love you too" with a true Jamaican heart.